In Romania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Germany

Romania, Luxembourg, Netherlands & Germany CorexHost Datacenter Specifics

CorexHost's servers and routers are housed in state-of-the-art data centers to ensure the highest level of performance and lightning fast regional connectivity.

Our data centers are available in Romania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Germany.

Your website visitors are typically serviced by the large telecom providers in their own country. These providers require premium fees if they are to open their networks for access inside their markets. CorexHost pays these premiums, giving you the advantage of reaching your visitors quickly without the lag time you would otherwise experience with a regular IP transit provider.


CorexHost servers and routers are housed in the same building as the public Internet exchanges such as the LINX, DE-CIX, Equinix, AMS-IX, Balcan-IX, HKIX, etc. We also connect with over 700 ISPs, at more than 230 Gbps in all the cities where we operate. Our servers are connected to sophisticated switches that have been built for high frequency trading, and with huge buffer iSCSI storage.


We offer high quality IP transit Internet access for all our customers, in the form of either full or partial packages. Web conferencing, VoIP, streaming, and other high bandwidth consuming applications function without a hitch with our services. Our Cisco-based network offers real-time bandwidth monitoring and technical support 24/7. With a densely peered international network, we have over 1000 BGP sessions with more than 500 different networks.

Netherlands and Germany

CorexHost's secure datacenters at Netherlands and Germany provide high-quality connections and a data floor area of more than 97,000 sq ft. The data center is also ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

We offer excellent growth opportunities for our customers, with the ability to easily expand to 431,000 sq ft. Our data center has been built with the ability to facilitate easy growth with autonomous A+B- power supplies, backup battery UPS, and dual generator sets. We can also expand our current 20 megawatt capacity to 40-80 megawatts on demand.

Unrivalled protection of valuable server infrastructure and structural integrity are assured by fire resistant walls and built-in fire suppression systems. Not only that, our operations are completely CO2 neutral, thereby achieving significant savings in energy and being friendly to the environment. Our cooling efficiency is substantial because we use the Cold Aisle Corridor technology which ensures the most efficient server cooling by trapping cool supply air at the server intake where it matters most.

Our data center was described as one of the world's most energy-saving datacenters by the German Federal Ministry of Environment in 2009.

Why Choose CorexHost For Your Netherlands Dedicated Server Needs

99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee

Offers robust performance due to its unique connectivity function that mixes privately peered connections. It has bulk arrangements with global transit providers providing speed to your website when it is accessed from.

100% Secure Servers

Security is an aspect that is taken seriously by the CorexHost. Comprehensive security strategies maximize your servers' uptime and protect sensitive private information, which in turn eliminates risk to your business.

24/7 Technical Online Support

CorexHost servers come with 24X7 support with a team of dedicated and certified engineers who locate the problem and rectify it in no time.

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