SLA (Service Level Agreement)


Know About SLA is an internationally recognized provider of web hosting solutions as evident from our clean track record and positive reputation from our clients. To ensure that we not only meet your data solution needs but also surpass your expectations, we have come up with a comprehensive SLA (Service lease agreement) that clearly articulates how we operate.

Here is an in-depth look at our SLA to help you get a clear picture of our services.

Basic Support (Best Effort SLA) :

To ensure that your data is safe and accessible 24/7 we have put in place a team of certified and highly trained engineers who monitor the servers on your behalf. You are assured of fast response to your queries at any time. Some of the tasks that they will carry out to ensure smooth functioning of the server include:

  • Replace any broken hardware
  • Carry out boot loader repairs and reset root password
  • Rectify network stack issues that can affect connectivity
  • Routine checks on various hardware such as processor memory and hard drives

Advanced support (Advanced SLA):

We have gone a step further and come up with an advanced support team at additioanl fee that works round the clock to ensure that all technical issues that may arise are curbed in time. Some of the advanced support services include:

  • Performance tuning
  • Software configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Resetting of software to their original setup
  • Firewall setup
  • Load balancing maintenance and setup
  • Maintenance and setup of network infrastructure
  • Configuration of servers, clusters and other web applications

Some of reasons why you should choose us.


Despite the fact that our data and web services are unequal to no other in the market,they are very affordable. There is no limit on the nature of businesses that can use offer services to grow and improve operations. We also offer regular classified discounts on advanced support services to help you save money for your other business needs.


All our personnel have vast hands-on experience and are certified by various international IT regulatory bodies so quality and value for your time and money is guaranteed. We will not only work on your server and data network but also propose other modern and professionals ways of streamlining your website and data storage strategies. By contacting us, you will get to enjoy undivided first priority technical solutions to cushion your business from losses that could arise as a result of a technical hitches or security breach.

Wide array of services:

To meet the diverse business needs, we have categorized our services into several dynamic categories such as web hosting, dedicated server, collocation and more. No matter your specific business needs and goals, can make your dream come true.

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